How to create simulcasts to Instagram?

Currently, Instagram does not officially support direct live streaming outside their mobile application. As soon as streaming to Instagram over RTMP is officially supported.

You can stream to Instagram using a third part application like Yellow Duck.

The steps are explained below,

  1. Down the yellow duck application Click here to download
  2. Open the application and login with your Instagram credentials.
  3. After that, you will get an RTMP and stream key from the application.
  4. Login to StreamFast console.
  5. Create a simulcast stream or you can add a platform under live stream Push/Pull/Scheduled playlist based on your requirement.
  6. Provide the RTMP and stream in specified fields and click the save button.

You can refer this link for creating simulcast in StreamFast console.

How to create simulcast on PUSH, PULL or Scheduled playlist?

Please note:

  1. Instagram only supports portrait mode streams – for horizontal streams, only the middle part will be captured.
  2. Streams can’t be longer than an hour. This is Instagram’s limitation.
  3. You need to reconfigure your channel before each stream since each stream key is unique.

Videos on IGTV and stories are shown in the portrait orientation (the 9:16 ratio). We recommend you to stick to this ratio when streaming to Instagram.

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