How to Implement File Transcoding for your uploaded files?

Using File Transcoding, Video files of any formats that you upload to StreamFast servers will be converted to MP4 format profiles ranging from 240p, 360p, 480p to 720p. This can be accomplished manually or automatically.

To implement this feature, please make sure that you have subscribed enough Push Zones to upload your content which is to be transcoded.

To enable this feature automatically, please follow the below instructions :

  • Click on the drop-down menu Transcoding which is located to the extreme left after the Zones section.
  • Click on the File Transcoding > Zones.
  • Select the appropriate Push Zone in which you have uploaded the files which have to be transcoded.
  • Preset Profiles: By default, we have added popular transcoded profiles and here you can select the required profiles out of the default list you want to get your video transcoded. For example, if you want to transcode a particular file in 480p then select 480p and it will be transcoded automatically and once completed the Transcoded File will be available within the MP4 folder.
  • To enable Transcoding manually, please follow the below instructions :
  • Go to Transcoding > File Transcoding > Zones > select the appropriate Push Zone
  • Go to File Manager & Transcoding > Select a file you want to transcode from MP4 folder.
  • Select the option Transcode
  • Check any Transcoding Profile available under Available Single section and a pop up will be opened asking Add the transcoding job? Click YES and the transcoding job will be added to the queue.
  • The recently added transcoding progress will be shown under Encoding Status
  • Once the transcoding is over, you will get the transcoded files from the MP4 folder of your File Manager.

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